The question many of us ask ourselves as we begin a New Year is this -- How will I be better or different?  The same thinking applies for the brands we manage.

Brands are driven by the pursuit of doing better each year. Better sales, better stock price, better market share (please don’t say more market share… focus on profitability), better sentiment on social media, etc. Being better is the province of established competitors. It's a game of incremental gains. It is the way we are taught to build sustainable brands. That is until the new guy wants in on the game. The new guy realizes he can't beat you at your own game, so he changes the game. Instead of trying to position himself as better, he positions himself as different to your audience. 

We’ve seen this happen with GORUCK, Nest Thermostats, and Uber. 

I have three questions for you.

1. What job is your brand being hired to do?

2. How can you do a better job for your customer?

3. What is the biggest threat to your brand? (hint: the threat is the new guy)