That question makes most people recline in their seat. Most people start off with "well, ah ... you see" But, that's not the real question I want to ask. More specifically, why would someone hire your brand? Brands are hired guns. We hire brands for their utility. And, there are only two ways we choose between your brand and the competition -- price and story. 

Price. If I deem your product/service to be similar to the competition then I'll just buy the cheapest one. This is common sense. And, it's the reason we all have more private label brands in our house. 

Story. If your brand doesn't have a story, then your brand gets lumped in with the others without a story (see definition of commodity). The questions you must answer as a storyteller:

  1. What does your brand say about me or who I want to be?
  2. How does your brand connect me to others similar to me i.e. my clique?